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Jamie Tate

Cherry Hill

Strength training has several advantages: it will empower you, support daily tasks, reduce pain, build endurance, improve sleep and protect your bones. An effective way to help your body to discover these benefits is with weight training which includes utilizing your own body weight. The end result, a leaner appearance and improved health. You will burn calories even at rest. Staying consistent, maintaining a sensible diet and building a strong core are your tools for success.

It’s true that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover. Eight years ago, I had brain surgery. It took seven years to diagnose my facial pain. I was a prisoner in my own body. I was unable to talk, laugh, drink, eat or kiss my kids. Post surgery, I hired a trainer because my muscles had atrophied. Holding a blow dryer was exhausting. This is a problem when you are a hairdresser! My quest for physical well-being began here. I wish to inspire this journey in others so that they may benefit as I did.
I strive to keep fitness fun while focusing on individual goals.

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