Fred Davis

Personal Trainer -  Mullica Hill

I was born on September 20th 1986, and grew up in the small town of Monroeville, NJ. I grew up with passion for everything nerdy. From comics to video games, I was (and still am) your definition of a geek. However, there was still part of me that went against tradition as a nerd and enjoyed physical activity. As a kid, whether it was playing baseball with my cousins and neighbors or playing football during recess and gym class, I did like to break a sweat. It was nothing ever too serious though, as I liked playing sports casually and just for fun. As I headed into high school I let my nerdom take over.

Flash forward to college. Not only did I obtain a BFA in graphic design/illustration, I also developed a love for fitness and working out. It started out as a way to maintain some type of physical ability, general health, and of course… trying to look good for the ladies (trying is the keyword there). This new love eventually led to so much more. Now I’m teaching clients of all ages, genders, and ability about what I’ve learned in health and fitness over the past 10 years. From rehab after a knee replacement to gearing up towards baseball season I am fluent in many different training styles and variations. One thing I like to place emphasis on in my training is the carryover effect. What we do in the gym should not only make us stronger in the gym, but stronger in life.


  • NASM CES (corrective exercise specialist)


  • Strength and Conditioning
  • General Fitness
  • Sports Specific

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