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Doria Fortunato

Personal Trainer -  Mount Laurel

I grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ.  In my early years my passion was dance and and theatre.  I always pictured myself going to New York for a broadway career.  I had a turn of events when my father died at age 43 from a heart attack and likewise my mother 5 years later died from alcoholism at age 44.

I began to become very aware of my own health and lifestyle.  I was 18 and had no parents.  I was never like my friends.  I always exercised and also never drank like my friends.  Years went by and I got married had three kids continued exercising and always watched what I ate. I was the “go to” person for my friends, the person who everybody knew would have the answer on fitness and health.  One day a lightbulb went off and it became very clear that I should get into the fitness business. I was the exact age, in my mid 40s, of those that were seeking personal training so I knew I could relate to the clientele. In my time most women only did aerobic exercise they didn’t weight train.  I wanted to make a difference.  So I did a 180, went back to school and decided to become a trainer.  I also got involved with Pilates reformer. With my dance background this became my new passion. I do believe that Pilates reformer is the basics to movement and exercise as ballet is to dance. In a perfect world everybody should do Pilates reformer before they move onto the fitness floor.    In my spare time I LOVE being with my family.  I love hiking and traveling.  Oh and yes I LOVE to workout!  I’ve been to some of the most famous gyms during my travels!

My specialty is fitness for anyone.  Young, older, experienced or not!  I aim to inspire anyone I meet to get fit.  The way we go about it is an individual approach.

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