Why You Need To Start Cross-Training This Fall

The seasons are getting ready to change, and the time to build the perfect “beach body” has passed. But there are plenty of reasons to recommit yourself to better fitness during the fall.  How about fitting into some fresh cold-weather clothes, or rediscovering some of your favorite old clothes? You can forget about the bikini… Continue Reading

When Should Your Child Start Learning To Swim? Sooner Than You Might Think!

Learning to swim is a rite of passage for most children, but it’s more than just a fun activity they can enjoy with their friends on their summer vacation. Swimming could be one of the most crucial skills they develop in their lifetime. In fact, their lives might actually depend on it. According to the… Continue Reading

Labor Day Special Holiday Schedule (2019)

Put Your Back Into It: How to effectively build strength in your back!

Getting a chiseled torso means you can’t neglect the back half of it. For many fitness fanatics, targeting their back muscles can be a little difficult as many of the exercises are a bit unintuitive. At Kennedy Fitness our personal training in South Jersey can help you find the exercises that burn and sculpt your lats,… Continue Reading

Everybody dance now! Why you NEED to add some Zumba to your life!

Making sure to get a good dose of exercise each day is critical to staying in shape and wanting the body you desire. Traditional workouts can be time-consuming and become repetitive easily. Because of that, many adults have been transitioning to alternative methods when it comes to working out to get their daily exercise. One… Continue Reading

How To Prepare For Your First Aerial Yoga Class

Here at At Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, we make multiple kinds of yoga available to people in the Haddonfield, NJ area. These include:   Traditional Yoga Hot Yoga Yoga Stretch  Yoga Strength Endurance Yoga Aerial Yoga   Today, we’ll be telling you about Aerial Yoga, although some of the information we’ll share here… Continue Reading

Why Your Children Should Dive Into Swim Lessons at Kennedy Fitness

Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, offers swim classes in Mount Laurel and its other locations. These classes are available in all sizes (private, semi-private, and group sessions), for groups of all ages and skill levels. Classes for children are divided by age group and skill level. Your children can learn to swim at virtually… Continue Reading

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise; Why You Need Both

 There is a lot of information available on what is the best workout, what exercises work best for women/men, best for building strength, best for losing weight, etc.  Some information is good, some not, but the sheer volume of opinions and research (and misinformation) is enough to make your head spin.

Spotlight Classes – July 2019

  KENNEDY FITNESS WOMEN OF SPIN   Kristin Phillippi Teaches in: Mount Laurel Kristin enjoys teaching high-energy spin classes!  Don’t be surprised to climb many hills, balanced with sprints, fast flats and a variety of jumps.  You WILL leave sweating!  Kristin crafts diverse playlists for her classes, ranging from her favorite 80’s and 90’s hits… Continue Reading

What Quality Nutritional Counseling Can Do For You!

Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate offers a diverse variety of programs for all of our members, ranging from aerial yoga to kickboxing classes for the Mt. Laurel community. 

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