Meal Prepping: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

In today’s hectic world, it can be difficult to find time to get to the gym every day. We here at Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, the top fitness center in Mount Laurel, want to help you get in shape this weekend even if you can’t commit to working out on a regular basis…. Continue Reading

4 Awesome Ways To Stay In Shape This Summer

With spontaneous trips to the shore and pool parties afoot this summer, most people do their best to get in shape or stay shape during the summer months. Between eating right and getting a decent amount of daily exercise, getting in shape during the summer may not be as hard as you think. We here… Continue Reading

3 Foods for Better Sleep

Here on the Kennedy Fitness blog, we’ve written previously about the benefits of getting enough sleep. Catching up on your ZZZs is just as necessary for healthy living as diet and exercise. It can also help you with weight loss, immunity, and can even improve your memory. This week, we’re focusing on foods that you… Continue Reading

4 of the Best Pre-Workout Meals

When it comes to eating before a workout routine, everybody has their own habits that they swear by. Some people insist on not eating at all before a workout or run, while others can’t imagine heading out on their bike without having bananas for the potassium, or at least a sandwich. While everybody should follow… Continue Reading

Your Guide to Mind & Body Classes at Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate

At Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, we offer a selection of classes that focus not only on improving and maintaining your physical health but your mental health as well. Through a number of our courses which include Pilates and yoga in Cherry Hill, you can build physical strength while developing a sense of peace… Continue Reading

What is TRX Suspension Training®?

One of the newest workout systems to sweep the nation is the TRX Suspension Trainer™, but what is it? What does TRX stand for, and why has it become so popular? These are a few of the questions we often hear at Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate. In the article below, we’ll answer a… Continue Reading

4 Benefits of Personal Training (Other than Weight Loss)

While many members of Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate use our certified personal trainers to help them lose weight, they can actually help members accomplish much more. From health objectives to fitness goals and more, regular sessions with a personal trainer at Kennedy Fitness can help you achieve many things other than weight loss…. Continue Reading

ISR FAQ: What You Need to Know About Infant Swimming Resource Lessons

At Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Affiliate, we offer Infant Swimming Resource, also known as infant self-rescue classes for children ages 1-6. While these lessons are becoming widely popular among parents across America, there are still many that have their reservations about placing their child who cannot swim into the water for a lesson. Here we’ll… Continue Reading

Aerial Yoga: Here to Stay

Yoga classes have been a popular fitness activity for a while now. They have been a favorite of not just for people looking to improve their physical health, but also those looking to improve their mental health as well. Kennedy Fitness & Wellness is happy to provide a unique take on yoga with our aerial… Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why Swimming Lessons are Important Regardless of Age

Everybody has some type of irrational fear. For example, arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, is something all of us tend to suffer from. While being afraid of spiders is rather a common occurrence, other fears and phobias, like aulophobia, can be so unique and strange you never knew such a thing existed. Don’t know what… Continue Reading

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